Re: [PATCH] Watchdog: i8xx_tco remove pci_find_device

From: Wim Van Sebroeck
Date: Wed Jul 19 2006 - 15:56:52 EST

Hi Jiri,

> > Why the pci_dev_put's? We aren't registering the PCI devices. See
> > the comment above the MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE:
> > /*
> > * Data for PCI driver interface
> > *
> > * This data only exists for exporting the supported
> > * PCI ids via MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE. We do not actually
> > * register a pci_driver, because someone else might one day
> > * want to register another driver on the same PCI id.
> > */
> Sure, but it's not registering, but telling the subsystem, we use the device, so
> that user can't hotunplug it since some driver uses it and reads and writes its
> registers. It's purpose of refcounting in pci_dev_{put,get}() (pci_dev_get is
> called in pci_get_device()).

I see now; it's the:
#define for_each_pci_dev(d) while ((d = pci_get_device(PCI_ANY_ID, PCI_ANY_ID, d)) != NULL)
that does this. Need to fix that in iTCO_wdt...

> > Since the I/O controller Hub has several functions we explicitely
> > do not register the PCI device...
> >
> > PS: In the -mm tree there is allready a replacement for this driver...
> > Plan is to get this one into linus tree soon.
> This patch is against 2.6.18-rc1-mm2. (Maybe you mean there are some patches
> coming to -rc2-mm1?)

Nope. iTCO_wdt is going to replace i8xx_tco after testing.


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