network tx_timeout guidance

From: Keith Chew
Date: Wed Jul 19 2006 - 16:51:30 EST


We are stress testing a wireless network driver from a vendor (ZD1211
chip, we realise that there is a rewrite project happenning but that
it still not ready for production yet).

So far, everything is going very well except after several days when a
Tx Timeout occurs. In this scenario, the driver goes into a tight
loop, and we keep getting the Tx Timeout. I have already contacted the
vendor, but just wanted additional opinion/feedback from the experts
at LKML.

In the code, this is the callback from the assignment:
#define ZD1211_TX_TIMEOUT (HZ*10)
dev->watchdog_timeo = ZD1211_TX_TIMEOUT;
dev->tx_timeout = &zd1211_tx_timeout;

A couple of questions:
(1) How should the zd1211_tx_timeout handle a Tx Timeout? At present
it is calling the usb_kill_urb via the kevent. Is this what it is
suppose to do?

static void zd1211_tx_timeout(struct net_device *dev)
struct zd1205_private *macp = dev->priv;
// Which will call zd1211_kill_tx_urb() below via kevent;
defer_kevent(macp, KEVENT_KILL_TX_URB);

static void zd1211_kill_tx_urb(void *_macp) {
struct zd1205_private *macp = (struct zd1205_private *)_macp;
// conditional defines are ommited to keep things clear

(2) What is the best way to simulate a Tx Timeout? Currently we have
to wait for several days (for 1 of the 10 PCs under stress testing)
for it to occur.

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