Re: Reiser4 Inclusion

From: Tilman Schmidt
Date: Wed Jul 19 2006 - 18:34:52 EST

On 19.07.2006 22:09, Valdis.Kletnieks@xxxxxx wrote:

> On Wed, 19 Jul 2006 21:12:21 +0200, Tilman Schmidt said:
>>On 19.07.2006 21:04, Valdis.Kletnieks@xxxxxx wrote:
>>>Which part of "read Documentation/SubmittingPatches.txt and do what it says,
>>>or it doesn't get into the kernel" do you have trouble understanding?
>>None. Why do you think I'd have? And what relevance does this have to
>>the present discussion?
> So in other words, you're trying to tell us about what code should or
> shouldn't allow into the kernel when you don't have even a clue what's
> required on a purely technical level, or how the code gets into the kernel.

That's entirely uncalled for. If you deem it necessary to resort to
insults when you are out of arguments then please go looking for another
victim. I consider the discussion closed.

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