Re: nfs problems with 2.6.18-rc1

From: Neil Brown
Date: Wed Jul 19 2006 - 19:39:16 EST

On Tuesday July 18, chexum+dev@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > On 2006-07-17 at 09:23:38, Neil Brown wrote:
> > > The standard answer for tracing nfs problems if 'tcpdump'.
> > > e.g.
> > > tcpdump -s 0 -w /tmp/trace host $CLIENT and host $SERVER and port 2049
> > >
> > > that should show whether the error is coming from the server, or if
> > > the client is generating it all by itself.
> Closing in, I have a dump between these two machines running 18-rc2 that
> has the error on the wire, but I'm not sure how much more would be
> relevant:

Interesting, but confusing.
The filehandle of the directory seems to keep changing. Maybe tcpdump
is showing too many bytes. Access to the raw dump would help.

> 13:37:51.254708 access fh Unknown/0100000100FD000002000000755104000AA487A20000001F0AA487A200030001 001f
> 13:37:51.255375 reply ok 32 access ERROR: Permission denied attr:

'access' should never return 'Permission denied' so there is
definitely something wrong here. I was expected nfserr_acces rather
than nfserr_perm...
The server logs at the same time would help a lot.

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