BUG? rebooting

From: Łukasz Jachymczyk
Date: Fri Jul 21 2006 - 09:23:20 EST


I've got a problem with rebooting my linux on laptop hp nx6310 (centrino
core duo). After restarting, bios hangs for a while and it runs slower
then usual (up to 15 seconds until grub loads). After that, my linux works
quite fine, however I'm not able to achieve maximym cpu speed with cpufreq
and acpi doesn't show actual information about battery left (it shows all
the time 2:30 hours left) - simply, acpi hangs in the moment of booting.

But there is also ms windows on the same laptop. It reboots smoothly and
quickly. There is no bios hanging effect. And after such reboot from
windows, when I boot linux, everything - acpi and cpufreq - works fine!

I guess it's the problem of the way how linux' kernel reboots.
First, I thought that acpi is doing something nasty, so I compiled kernel
without power management support (in fact, this kernel contained only
essential features for my laptop, see .config:
http://fatcat.ftj.agh.edu.pl/~lfx/upload/kernel/config-clean). As you can
imagine, of course it didn't help.
Here is dmesg output on this kernel:

Here: http://fatcat.ftj.agh.edu.pl/~lfx/upload/kernel/ are also dmesg-acpi
and config-acpi files of my (almost) fully functional kernel. It does
reboot improperly too.

My question is: how can I make my linux to reboot smoothly as i.e. windows
does? What causes this problem? If it wasn't good place for asking about
this, please tell me where to find help. If you need more info about
what's happening on my laptop, please write.

Łukasz Jachymczyk

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