How long to wait on patches?

From: Matt LaPlante
Date: Fri Jul 21 2006 - 20:55:54 EST

I checked the FAQ but didn't see an answer to this. Over the past few weeks I've submitted probably around 8 simple typo-fix patches all of which seemed to be approved by others on the list. I've been following the GIT, but these patches haven't been merged yet. I know people are busy with other things, probably more important, but I would like to know how long is "acceptable" to wait before I should re-submit a patch. Obviously if enough time passes, patches start to break as source files change. I don't mean to be a nuisance; I'm just trying to determine proper protocol. That and the fact I can submit several more patches once I get some of these old ones out of my queue. :)

Matt LaPlante

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