Re: [PATCH] OMAP: Keypad driver

From: Komal Shah
Date: Sat Jul 22 2006 - 06:35:13 EST

--- Andrew Morton <akpm@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The code looks clean.
> - Could use setup_timer().
> - Check the return value from device_create_file() (and any and all
> such
> similar functions), handle failure appropriately.
> - I don't think the tasklet stopping code is correct.
> tasklet_disable()
> will prevent the callback from being called. The del_timer_sync()
> will
> kill off the timer. But the just-killed timer handler might have
> left
> the tasklet scheduled, and although it will not call the handler,
> the
> high-level tasklet code can still execute, and will then start
> playing
> with now-freed data. A final tasklet_kill() should fix that up.
> - Perhaps the probe function is requesting the IRQ too early? The
> handler can perhaps be called while the hardware is still being set
> up.

Ok. I will move it before


> - Use INTF_TRIGGER_FALLING (etc), not the now-deprecated

Thanx for the review. I will update the driver and submit the patch.

> - The changelog needs work. What's an OMAP? ;)

Ok. May changelog needs URL entry like _or_ :)

> - Finally, by what authority does random_person@xxxxxxxxx submit
> Nokia
> and TI's code?? Please review Section 11 of
> Documentation/SubmittingPatches, seek and obtain signoffs from the
> other
> authors and then add your own, thanks.

I have CCed all the authors mentioned in the top of the driver file,
and I thought they will just reply with Signed-off-by: line. I never
added my name in Copyright, even when I did some re-organization of
omap keypad driver, which I thought was not major change :)

---Komal Shah

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