Re: [linux-usb-devel] USB snd-usb-audio wedges lsusb when unplugged while playing sound.

From: Christopher Montgomery
Date: Sat Jul 22 2006 - 13:02:33 EST

On 7/22/06, Ian Stirling <tandra@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I just did it again, and the machine is >90% idle (PII/300), with
mplayer doing:

ioctl(5, 0x806c4120, 0xbffeffd0) = -1 ENODEV (No such device)
write(2, "alsa-lib: pcm_hw.c:406:(snd_pcm_"..., 89) = 89
write(2, "alsa-space: cannot get pcm statu"..., 50) = 50
nanosleep({0, 10000000}, NULL) = 0
ioctl(5, 0x806c4120, 0xbffeffd0) = -1 ENODEV (No such device)

about 70 times a second.
Of course, with other software, it may be different.

Yes, this is certainly not the bug then. The bug exists regardless,
but it's not what you're hitting.
(I wonder then if mplayer has the opposite problem caused by erroring
out on EPIPE: randomly terminating in the middle of playback 'every
now and then')

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