Re: the " 'official' point of view" expressed by regarding reiser4 inclusion

From: Matt Heler
Date: Sun Jul 23 2006 - 05:11:53 EST

On Sunday 23 July 2006 12:20 am, Hans Reiser wrote:
> I just got an email from the programmer who wrote the MythTV bug saying
> that he is just too busy to bother fixing the bug in his code..... so
> my response is that a Namesys programmer is going to fix it on Monday.

The way you wrote this, makes it sound like a userspace issue, and _not_ a
problem with reiserfs.

> And look at how Linus abandoned 2.4! Users of 2.4 needed so many
> features that were put into 2.6 instead, and they were just abandoned
> and neglected and.... Do you think he will abandon 2.6.18 also?

Not entirely true, he did not abandon the 2.4 kernel branch, he passed on
maintainership to Marcelo. Similar to how he passed the torch on the 2.2
kernel branch to Alan Cox. Also on a side note, many new features ( and a ton
of bug fixes !! ) were added to the 2.4 series _after_ Linus started working
on the 2.5 branch.

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