Re: [patch 3/3] [-rt] Fixes the timeout-bug in thertmutex/PI-futex.

From: Steven Rostedt
Date: Sun Jul 23 2006 - 12:03:16 EST

> > haven't analyzed it enough yet. But just so that you know that your
> > changes don't break the code, and to make it easier for me to look at
> > it. Please update Documentation/rt-mutex-design.txt including your
> > changes. This will be a good exercise to see if it doesn't really break
> > anything, and it will give other reviewers a better starting point for
> > review.
> Is that up-to-date in the -rt tree? The last patch you sent was to
> 2.6.18-rc2, right?

Ah, you're right. I thought this was for mainline. Didn't notice the
-rt in the subject. Don't worry about documenting the -rt side of
things. That is not stable enough to do so. When portions of the rt
patch go to -mm, that will need to be documented. (willing to help in
this effort?)

I'll try later today to review your code a little deeper (no guarantees
since I just came home from Ottawa, and my family would like to see me a
little more). I'm not sure if the semantics of the changes to the
sched.[ch] are correct, so I'll let Ingo comment on them. I'll spend my
time looking at the changes to rtmutex.c.

-- Steve

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