Re: Allow turning off hpa-checking.

From: Alan
Date: Mon Nov 27 2006 - 13:04:47 EST

> What else (if not sector remapping) could make the "current"
> size gradually smaller between reboots. And why is "native"
> size still constant? And why does now even access to the but-last
> native sector fail? The explanation with block-reads no longer
> works.

The presented size of an ATA disk is constant. It keeps additional space
for error blocks. The HPA merely tells the disk to lie about its size.

> > This is a matter for the partitioning tool. You don't know at boot time
> > what you wish to do with the HPA so a boot option is inappropriate.
> If I boot linux (e.g. from CD) on some precious windows-machine,
> I do know that at boot time. Ditto if I connect a foreign
> windows-disk in my machine (ata is afaik not yet hot-pluggable),
> I'm also bound to know that at boot time.

Some ATA is hot pluggable. The new libata stuff very much so (although it
at the moment doesn't handle HPA)

> There are also user-land tools (using ioctl) to manipulate
> this, in case I change my mind lateron.
> How should the partitioning tool know, if I want to ignore the
> HPA, or respect it (knowing it contains stuff that I might need in
> future). Does there exist any that asks me?

I have no idea. If not perhaps one should be written.
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