multiple drivers, single device (was Re: Announce: Linux-next (OrAndrew's dream :-)))

From: Jeff Garzik
Date: Tue Feb 12 2008 - 11:24:29 EST

Greg KH wrote:
[1] Hopefully the "multiple drivers for a single device" feature people
have been asking for for years will be landing soon, of course the
number of odd places in the kernel that made the assumption that we
could only have one driver per device is causing lots of fun...

Color me a bit skeptical... we've always had this capability really: for multi-function devices, just register as many subsystems as you need. If your device is a network _and_ SCSI device, you can do that with today's APIs.

I just went through a long thread (e1000/e1000e) explaining how much pain multiple drivers for the same PCI ID cause on the distro side of things... its a mess. In each case you must write special case code to resolve the ambiguity. You never know which is the best driver to choose, or proper module load order -- which may vary depending on machine, not just static information captured from a kernel Makefile.


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