Re: [PATCH] Remove the new perl dependency from build.

From: H. Peter Anvin
Date: Fri Feb 15 2008 - 21:53:23 EST

Rob Landley wrote:

Removed the special case "canned" logic from the perl script (it always requires
Math::bigint when it runs now). Moved the list of canned values into
kernel/Makefile. (It's already a selection menu in kconfig, so you can't
just feed arbitrary values into it anyway. If you add a new value to kconfig,
add it to kernel/Makefile as well and delete kernel/timeconst.h so the build
recreates it.)

The problem is that for at least one architecture, CONFIG_HZ is settable to arbitrary values, so you need a way to invoke the generic code if you don't have a pre-canned value available.

I have to admit to having very little interest in this kind of minimality exercises, which seem to have pretty much academic value only -- in reality, people cross-compile the kernel to go onto this kind of minimal boxes.

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