linux-next: ext4 tree build failure

From: Stephen Rothwell
Date: Tue Jun 16 2009 - 00:44:40 EST

Hi Ted,

Today's linux-next build (powerpc ppc64_defconfig) failed like this after
the slab tree was merged:

In file included from fs/jbd2/checkpoint.c:26:
include/trace/events/jbd2.h:11: error: expected ')' before '(' token
include/trace/events/jbd2.h:31: error: expected ')' before '(' token
include/trace/events/jbd2.h:54: error: expected ')' before '(' token
include/trace/events/jbd2.h:77: error: expected ')' before '(' token
include/trace/events/jbd2.h:100: error: expected ')' before '(' token
include/trace/events/jbd2.h:122: error: expected ')' before '(' token
include/trace/events/jbd2.h:146: error: expected ')' before '(' token
fs/jbd2/checkpoint.c: In function 'jbd2_log_do_checkpoint':
fs/jbd2/checkpoint.c:361: error: implicit declaration of function 'trace_jbd2_checkpoint'

It looks like TRACE_EVENT is not defined.

The config differences are:
CONFIG_SLUB_DEBUG and CONFIG_SLUB change from y to n

The .i files looks very different (the bad one has TRACE_EVENT explictly
in there, while the other has it expanded). It appears that some of the
tracing include files that should have been included explicitly were
being included implicitly by the slub include files.

So I have reverted commit 75ef2ffeb02c7e1fbe8114f2fddd2e8880397892
("jbd2: convert instrumentation from markers to tracepoints") for today.

This produced another error:

In file included from include/trace/ftrace.h:262,
from include/trace/define_trace.h:57,
from include/trace/events/ext4.h:720,
from fs/ext4/super.c:51:
include/trace/events/ext4.h: In function 'ftrace_raw_output_ext4_free_inode':
include/trace/events/ext4.h:12: error: implicit declaration of function 'jbd2_dev_to_name'

So I also reverted commit a6e130e94db16b324fbf2eeed2b310273625acf7 ("ext4: convert instrumentation from markers to tracepoints") after reverting the dependent commit 3f9c083c0ffd344da212c9813c3c5ddba1a65936 ("ext4: Fix 64-bit block type problem on 32-bit platforms") for today.
Stephen Rothwell sfr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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