Re: [bug] WARNING: at drivers/char/tty_io.c:1266tty_open+0x1ea/0x388()

From: Alan Cox
Date: Tue Jun 16 2009 - 04:44:07 EST

> > I split the ldisc and tty apart and redid the ldisc locking so its a fair
> > bet I know what changeset is to blame, will just need to hunt it down a
> > bit. kmemcheck found one leak case on Friday which I've fixed but not yet
> > scribbles.
> >
> > > c65c9bc: tty: rewrite the ldisc locking
> >
> > Almost certainly that one and will investigate on Monday
> I have applied your patch from yesterday (attached further below for
> reference) and the SLAB corruption has not triggered - instead i'm
> now getting this warning, after 96 reboots:

That's progress

> Another test-box has produced this warning too. (Same config and
> same hw as i sent the details for earlier in this thread.)
> So there's still something fishy going on.

Are you using a standard udev/fedora setup or something different (I know
the devtmpfs proposal stuff produces crashes like that one all the time
which are not seen anywhere else)

And is it reproducable this time - and always 96 ?
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