Re: 2.6.30: hibernation/swsusp lockup due to acpi-cpufreq

From: Johannes Stezenbach
Date: Tue Jun 16 2009 - 18:44:32 EST

On Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 02:09:23PM -0700, Andrew Morton wrote:
> Right, so it's the suspend-must-disable-local-interrupts thing. Again.
> create_image()'s local_irq_disable().
> It was wrong to call work_on_cpu() with lcoal interrupts disabled, and
> it's now wrong to call smp_call_function_single() with local interrupts
> disabled. It's just that smp_call_function_single() warns while
> work_on_cpu() didn't.
> That all explains the warning But afaik we still don't know why your
> machine actually failed. Perhaps it is a side-efect of emitting the
> warning when the console is in a weird state?

smp_call_function_single() enables irqs and hibernate doesn't like that?

BTW, I have no other UP machine to test with, but I reported
in another thread that a !SMP kernel (or a SMP kernel
with maxcpus=0 parameter) does not boot at all on
my destop machine, see

No idea if I should be worried about this since the
SMP kernel now works fine, another hibernate problem
was solved in

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