Re: Ping: Re: [PATCH 0/2] i386: espfix fixes

From: H. Peter Anvin
Date: Tue Jun 16 2009 - 19:34:29 EST

Alexander van Heukelum wrote:
> On
>>>> - .quad 0x0000920000000000 /* 0xd0 - ESPFIX 16-bit SS */
>>>> + .quad 0x00cf92000000ffff /* 0xd0 - ESPFIX SS */
>>> Seems a bit dangerous to allow access to full 4GB through this.
>>> Can you tighten the limit any? I suppose not, because the high
>>> bits in %esp really could be anything. But it might be nice to
>>> try setting the limit to regs->esp + THREAD_SIZE. Of course, this
>>> is not strictly necessary, just an extra paranoid protection
>>> mechanism.
>> Since, when calculating the base, I do &-THREAD_SIZE, I guess the
>> minimal safe limit is regs->esp + THREAD_SIZE*2... Well, may just
>> I not do that please? :) For what, btw? There are no such a things
>> for __KERNEL_DS or anything, so I just don't see the necessity.
> In the normal case user-esp would be between 0 and 65535, and in
> that case the memory range in the ESPFIX stack segment would be
> pretty small. But userspace can set esp to just about anything if
> it really wants to, and in that case the reduction of the memory
> range is pretty much wothless (kernel stacks are allocated way
> above the code). As you said: may we just not do that, please?

Who are "we", here? First of all, this is about a 16-bit stack segment,
right? Why are we doing a 4 GB limit at all if this is a 16-bit stack
segment (where the stack can only be touched for the first 64K even if a
stack operation happens)?

I clearly don't quite understand at a glance what is going on.


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