Re: open_posix_testsuite: STOP + CONT + wait hang?

From: Oleg Nesterov
Date: Wed Jun 17 2009 - 09:34:54 EST

On 06/17, naresh kamboju wrote:
> please find inline comments

Thanks Naresh.

> >> ARCH: ARM
> >
> > is it ARM specific? I can't reproduce the problem on x86.
> yes it is specific to ARM. test cases are PASSED on X86-2.6.29 Kernels.

Not good, because I know nothing about arm and don't have the arm machine ;)
Will try to look...

> > If you can reproduce the problem, please send the content of
> > /proc/CHILD_PID/status and /proc/PARENT_PID/status.
> i have attached strace and proc_log
> please review the same.


Could you reproduce without strace, and send the output of /proc/xxx/status ?
I don't really expect we will see something interesting, but just in case.

Also, the output of sysrq-t may help. (the part which relates to these 2


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