Revised patch series for minimal HTC Dream support

From: Brian Swetland
Date: Wed Jun 17 2009 - 20:34:22 EST

This incorporates feedback from lkml/lakml, and I think is in
pretty good shape now.

- Ryan Mallon
- remove some likely/unlikely not in hot-path code, for clarity
- UART_TO_MSM() -> to_msm_uart()
- clean up static structure declarations
- Pavel Machek
- SUPPORT_SYSRQ needed for console break handling
- remove hrtimer.h, other unused headers
- Kconfig cleanup
- Alan Cox
- set_termios should propogate used settings
- Linus Walleij
- use resource_size() when appropriate
- dev_err instead of printk(KERN_ERR...
- remove some chatty printks
- use __exit, __exit_p()

- Stefan Schmidt
- remove smc resources
- remove unused headers

ll debug support
- Pavel Machek
- remove extraneous 1002 label

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