Re: problem with function_graph self-test?

From: Steven Rostedt
Date: Wed Jun 17 2009 - 23:24:29 EST

On Tue, 16 Jun 2009, Jake Edge wrote:

> Hi Steve,
> This has taken me a bit to track down ... I built a kernel from Linus's
> git tree (as of this morning: commit
> 03347e2592078a90df818670fddf97a33eec70fb) and when i boot it, it locks
> up hard giving me a cursor in the upper left (which seems to grow then
> shrink once, if that tells anyone anything) and no other output ... i
> started messing with kernel params (turning off quiet, rhgb, adding
> boot_delay and, eventually figuring out i needed lpj as well) to try
> and extract some info ... it seems to reliably fail in the
> function_graph tracer self-test with a variety of messages (I
> unfortunately don't have a serial console on the laptop that I am
> using) ... two of the messages that I got (possibly from different
> boots):
> BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at 00000048
> BUG: Function graph tracer hang!
> I can try and get more information, but I wanted to check first if you
> already know about this ... somehow i'll either need to type faster :)
> or reliably slow it down and take pictures, which I can do if you'd
> like ...
> obviously, for my purposes, i can turn off the selftests and/or the
> function_graph tracer ...

Jake, when you find a bug, you really find a bug!

This is something that gcc is screwing with us. After spending all day
today trying to figure out what is happening, I finally found it in the

In the timer_stats_update_stats function, I get this at the beginning:

00000327 <timer_stats_update_stats>:
327: 57 push %edi
328: 8d 7c 24 08 lea 0x8(%esp),%edi
32c: 83 e4 e0 and $0xffffffe0,%esp
32f: ff 77 fc pushl 0xfffffffc(%edi)
332: 55 push %ebp
333: 89 e5 mov %esp,%ebp
335: 57 push %edi
336: 56 push %esi
337: 53 push %ebx
338: 81 ec 8c 00 00 00 sub $0x8c,%esp
33e: e8 fc ff ff ff call 33f <timer_stats_update_stats+0x18>
33f: R_386_PC32 mcount

And this at the end of the function:

4f6: 8d 67 f8 lea 0xfffffff8(%edi),%esp
4f9: 5f pop %edi
4fa: c3 ret

The way the function graph tracer works, is that it will look at the frame
pointer and replace the return address of the function with a hook to
trace the exit of the function. Then that hook will jump back to the
original return address.

The return address is stored in an internal stack for each process to know
where to return from, as function calls act like a stack:

func1() {
func2() {
func3() {

But the problem with the above code is that it gives us a fake return
address location:

| real return addr | <--- what we want
| %edi |
| copy of return addr| <--- what we get

We update the copy, but on return, this update is ignored, and we return
back to the function that called us.

Now here's the problem, the function graph code has no idea this happened.
When that parent function returns, we will think it is the function that
duped us returning. And you guessed it! It will return back to where the
parent called that function, instead of returning to the function that
called the parent!

Grumble %@$%^##

Now we need to find out why gcc is doing this, and how to shut it off.

-- Steve

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