Re: staging driver s626 clashes with philips SAA7146 media/dvb based cards

From: Frank Mori Hess
Date: Thu Jun 18 2009 - 03:28:32 EST

On Wednesday 17 June 2009, Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski wrote:
> >
> > Your patch breaks configuration of the board unless the bus and slot
> > are explicitly specified. Just make a minimal patch that replaces
> > pci_get_device with pci_get_subsys and fixes the problem that was
> > reported.
> Hmm that's not what the patch does, it doesn't break configuration,
> keeps the same logic as before (I was wrong in my last email replying to
> myself), check it, if it->options[0] and it->options[1] isn't specified,
> the pdev is valid so the for loop exits (see !pdev check).

Your right. However, it also turns a loop over pci devices into a loop
over pci ids, which appears to break the case of multiple s626 boards
where the bus/slot of the second s626 board is specified. If you're not
willing to provide a minimal patch that just fixes the reported problem,
just say so. It would have been less effort for me to do it myself than
analyze what your changes are breaking.

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