defkeymap making machine useless (was Re: HTC Dream aka. t-mobileg1 support)

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Thu Jun 18 2009 - 19:07:25 EST


Debate is about keymaps:

Ok, I created something useful in the meantime. Question is, what to
do with the new keymap? I can obviously keep it at local patch,

PC makes HTC Dream useless.

HTC Dream makes PC useless :-(.

> > Yeah, I wasn't sure how to handle this. We try to keep the msm/dream
> > stuff in a state that doesn't break other parts of the tree, but there
> > doesn't seem to be support for different keymaps for different
> > devices.
> How it's supposed to work is that you have a specific keyboard driver
> and that emits PC keyboard codes into the core kernel using a
> translation table in your driver.

Of course, Dream does that. But that's not _nearly_ enough. Dream
lacks keys such as: esc, arrows, symbols (/;'[]\-=). That means that
for +, you can't press shift-=, you need to press altgr-P.

So yes, mapping keycodes helps (at least you get a-z,0-9), but that's
basically it, and keys it has are not enough to actually type loadkeys
/foo/bar/ :-(.

(cesky, pictures)
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