Re: [RFC v4][PATCH 2/2] intel_txt: Intel(R) TXT and tboot kernelsupport

From: Chris Wright
Date: Fri Jun 19 2009 - 14:35:37 EST

* Pavel Machek (pavel@xxxxxx) wrote:
> What are non-evil uses of this code?

The most common use case I've heard requested from real live
customers[1] guessed it...trusted boot.

This is typically in the context of virtualization and data centers or
clouds. The concerns being addressed are:

* confidence that the hardware is running the VMM that the hardware
owner configured it w/, since they are on the hook for providing a
safe service for each VM running on that hardware

* flip side of that is an additional layer protecting against malicious
VM that is using some VMM hole to try and subvert the host w/ a VMM
of their own


[1] as opposed to hardware vendors pushing a feature
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