Re: [RFC v4][PATCH 2/2] intel_txt: Intel(R) TXT and tboot kernelsupport

From: Alan Cox
Date: Fri Jun 19 2009 - 15:13:09 EST

> "Somebody has screwed with this kernel image, and you're not booting what you
> thought you were booting."

So I screw with your user space - you can't measure enough to make it
save you in a general setup. Too much I can hit changes each boot.

For a tiny number of very special cases that are highly controlled it has
potential uses. Some of those are evil some are ones with meaningful uses
(eg ATM machines) - although attacks there have included hardware attacks
outside the PC components too.

Personally (and I'm sure Intel disagrees with me) my bigger work is that
I can't verify that the magic block of code for tboot is correct.

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