Re: Panic booting 2.6.30

From: Michael Tokarev
Date: Fri Jun 19 2009 - 16:31:33 EST

David Ronis wrote:
Thanks for the reply. I added large-memory to lilo.conf, reran lilo,
and rebooted. I get the same problem, except now the unknown-block was
3,2. when I boot without specifying root=hda2, with root=hda2 I get the
same behavior.

In that case you'll have to provide much more details. Boot log probably
using netconsole. Check config differences.

I suggested large-memory lilo option because your lilo.conf didn't have
it and 2.6.30 is known to outgrow default lilo assumptions. So it wasn't
your case, it has to be in config change or in something failing during

Examine boot log (you can try adding vga=ask and choosing the largest
resolution offered, and also try loglevel=4 or loglevel=5 this will
reduce printk noise printed on the console) and config changes.

And please don't top-post.

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