Re: gettimeofday() time warps on Nehalem

From: Brian Bloniarz
Date: Fri Jun 19 2009 - 18:38:49 EST

Brian Bloniarz wrote:
> $ ./time-warp-test
> 16 CPUs, running 16 parallel test-tasks.
> checking for time-warps via:
> - gettimeofday (TOD) syscall (usec resolution)
> new TOD-warp maximum: -1 usecs, 00046cb465acb046 -> 00046cb465acb045
> new TOD-warp maximum: -2 usecs, 00046cb465ad7515 -> 00046cb465ad7513
> TOD: 0.26us, fail:21534 \

Ignore this. I killed NTP before running these tests, but
it looks now like a script from my distro restarted it.

I can no longer reproduce the problem, sorry for the noise.

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