[PATCH 00/13] revised Coldfire generic GPIO (mk68nommu)

From: sfking
Date: Fri Jun 19 2009 - 21:18:15 EST

Revised implementation of generic gpio for the Freescale Coldfire family of
processors (m68knommu). It uses gpiolib and provides both fast inline
operations when the gpio is a compile time constant and slower outline
operations dispatched via gpiolib when the gpio is a variable.

There are also hooks for implementing pin multiplexing but that part isn't
finished yet.

The major difference with the previous version is the move to a per-platform
setup code as suggested by Greg Ungerer <gerg@xxxxxxxxxxxx>.

Additionally, it fixes the definition of the TIMER gpio pins in the 5271
(thanks to Richard Retanubun <RichardRetanubun@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>).
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