Re: [PATCH 17/21] ceph: nfs re-export support

From: Stefan Richter
Date: Sat Jun 20 2009 - 17:22:30 EST

Sage Weil wrote:
I've done the same thing in a bunch of other places, too, the big offender being decode.h, where e.g.

v = le64_to_cpu(*(__le64 *)*(p)); \
*(p) += sizeof(u64); \

should be

v = le64_to_cpu(get_unaligned((__le64 *)*(p))); \
*(p) += sizeof(u64); \

Endian conversion and unaligned access can be combined, e.g.

v = get_unaligned_le64(*p);

if p is a pointer to a pointer to an unaligned __le64. These too come via <asm/unaligned.h> and are available since 2.6.26.
Stefan Richter
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