Re: RFC: x86: cap iomem_resource to addressable physical memory

From: H. Peter Anvin
Date: Sun Jun 21 2009 - 03:41:14 EST

Pavel Machek wrote:
On Thu 2009-06-11 13:46:52, H. Peter Anvin wrote:
Yinghai Lu wrote:
do we need do that on every cpu?

looks like we could do that in identify_boot_cpu.

What if the CPUs are heterogenous? It's obviously a suboptimal
situation, but it doesn't seem like something we can rely on.

Is it ok if that changes during runtime? What if someone hotplugs
heterogenous cpu? I'd say basing it on boot cpu seems simplest.

If someone hotplugs heterogenous CPUs it should do the right thing if the right thing is possible to do. If you already have resource assignments that are unfulfillable you're screwed anyway.


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