Re: [KVM PATCH 0/4] irqfd fixes/enhancements

From: Avi Kivity
Date: Sun Jun 21 2009 - 08:56:50 EST

On 06/18/2009 08:44 PM, Gregory Haskins wrote:
(Applies to kvm.git/master:c27b64a0)

The following series represents my queue of fixes for issues in irqfd,
which include enhancements to eventfd. This is a respin of the patches
originally proposed yesterday, called "[KVM-RFC PATCH 0/2] eventfd
enhancements for irqfd/iosignalfd", which you can find a link to the thread

Aside from introducing a few minor fixes (patches 1/4, 2/4), the general
solution for module reference counting has been extracted from the
(controversial) SRCU enhancement. We can address the SRCU topic at a later
time. For now, fixing the race condition is a higher priority item IMO.
Hopefully, this more focused series is more palatable for the
reviewers/maintainers involved.

Applied 1-2, thanks.

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