Re: Badness at drivers/char/tty_ldisc.c:210 during shutdown

From: Sachin Sant
Date: Mon Jun 22 2009 - 02:48:22 EST

Sachin Sant wrote:
I came across the following badness message during shutdown on a Power6 box.
This was with 2.6.30-git12(3fe0344faf7fdcb158bd5c1a9aec960a8d70c8e8)

------------[ cut here ]------------
Badness at drivers/char/tty_ldisc.c:210
The badness message is still present with git18.

------------[ cut here ]------------
Badness at drivers/char/tty_ldisc.c:210
NIP: c00000000040a3e8 LR: c00000000040a3d0 CTR: 0000000000000000
REGS: c00000003cf6b7f0 TRAP: 0700 Not tainted (2.6.30-git18)
MSR: 8000000000029032 <EE,ME,CE,IR,DR> CR: 24000424 XER: 00000001
TASK = c00000003e308660[3846] 'vhangup' THREAD: c00000003cf68000 CPU: 1
<6>GPR00: 0000000000000001 c00000003cf6ba70 c000000000ef48c0 0000000000000001 <6>GPR04: 0000000000000001 c00000003819f000 c000000000407b60 0000000000000000 <6>GPR08: 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000000000001 c000000000e1bce8 <6>GPR12: 0000000044000428 c000000001002600 00000000ffffffff ffffffffffffffff <6>GPR16: 0000000021fd8a50 0000000000000002 0000000000000000 0000000021fc03b0 <6>GPR20: 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 c00000003d04c700 0000000000000001 <6>GPR24: 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000000000001 c000000040007e20 <6>GPR28: 0000000000000000 c0000000013ffd38 c000000000e7e860 c00000003cf6ba70 NIP [c00000000040a3e8] .tty_ldisc_put+0xbc/0xf4
LR [c00000000040a3d0] .tty_ldisc_put+0xa4/0xf4
Call Trace:
[c00000003cf6ba70] [c00000000040a3d0] .tty_ldisc_put+0xa4/0xf4 (unreliable)
[c00000003cf6bb10] [c00000000040a7c8] .tty_ldisc_reinit+0x38/0x80
[c00000003cf6bba0] [c00000000040b1d8] .tty_ldisc_hangup+0x190/0x260
[c00000003cf6bc40] [c000000000401090] .do_tty_hangup+0x188/0x4c0
[c00000003cf6bd20] [c000000000401440] .tty_vhangup_self+0x34/0x54
[c00000003cf6bdb0] [c00000000019236c] .sys_vhangup+0x38/0x58
[c00000003cf6be30] [c000000000008534] syscall_exit+0x0/0x40
Instruction dump:
912b0088 4bcd17bd 60000000 e87e8008 7f44d378 481c04fd 60000000 801b0008 7c09fe70 7d200278 7c004850 54000ffe <0b000000> 7f63db78 4bd7c98d 60000000

Let me know if i can provide any other information.



Sachin Sant
IBM Linux Technology Center
India Systems and Technology Labs
Bangalore, India

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