Re: [RFC PATCH 0/4]: affinity-on-next-touch

From: Brice Goglin
Date: Mon Jun 22 2009 - 11:28:22 EST

Lee Schermerhorn wrote:
>> I gave this patchset a try and indeed it seems to work fine, thanks a
>> lot. But the migration performance isn't very good. I am seeing about
>> 540MB/s when doing mbind+touch_all_pages on large buffers on a
>> quad-barcelona machines. move_pages gets 640MB/s there. And my own
>> next-touch implementation were near 800MB/s in the past.
> Interesting. Do you have any idea where the differences come from? Are
> you comparing them on the same kernel versions? I don't know the
> details of your implementation, but one possible area is the check for
> "misplacement". When migrate-on-fault is enabled, I check all pages
> with page_mapcount() == 0 for misplacement in the [swap page] fault
> path. That, and other filtering to eliminate unnecessary migrations
> could cause extra overhead.

(I'll actually talk about this at the Linux Symposium) I used 2.6.27
initially, with some 2.6.29 patches to fix the throughput of move_pages
for large buffers. So move_pages was getting about 600MB/s there. Then
my own (hacky) next-touch implementation was getting about 800MB/s. The
main difference with your code is that mine only modifies the current
process PTE without touching the other processes if the page is shared.
So my code basically only supports private pages, it duplicates/migrates
them on next-touch. I thought it was faster than move_pages because I
didn't support shared-page migration. But, I found out later that
move_pages could be further improved up to about 750MB/s (it will be in

So now, I'd expect both the next-touch migration and move_pages to have
similar migration throughput, about 750-800MB/s on my quad-barcelona
machine. Right now, I'm seeing less than that for both, so there might
be a problem deeper. Actually, looking at COW performance when the new
page is allocated on a remote numa node, I also see the throughput much
lower in 2.6.29+ (about 720MB/s) than in 2.6.27 (about 850MB/s). Maybe a
regression in the low-level page copy routine?


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