Re: [PATCH] Add new TAINT_KSPLICE flag for when a Ksplice updatehas been loaded.

From: Tim Abbott
Date: Tue Jun 23 2009 - 14:58:38 EST

On Mon, 22 Jun 2009, Andrew Morton wrote:
> Have the ksplice people considered using /proc/sys/kernel/tainted and

We're thinking about using TAINT_USER to indicate when a user has
installed a Ksplice update that they generated on their own. We'd like to
be able to distinguish between the cases (1) where a user has generated a
potentially-bad Ksplice update by providing their own naughty patch and
(2) where a user is running binary Ksplice updates provided by a vendor
that is taking care to use Ksplice properly. Our patch currently uses
TAINT_KSPLICE to indicate whether _any_ Ksplice update has been applied.

-Tim Abbott

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