Re: [PATCH 3/5] power_supply: add a TRICKLE_CHARGING status, andadd it to the olpc driver

From: Richard A. Smith
Date: Tue Jun 23 2009 - 19:13:33 EST

Mark Brown wrote:

The problem here is that anything which is already looking at these
statuses is going to have to be able to cope with the information too.
In the OLPC case it probably doesn't matter so much if they get
confused since this is an unusual case but in the embedded case it's
much more normal (and more likely to happen while a user interacts with
the device since that tends to burn power which is a problem if you're
charging off USB).

A separate file with the detailed information would sidestep this since
it's a new interface. I'm not strongly opposed to adding the new states
but I do think it's worth considering other ways of doing this.

I've got no problems with a new interface. But, i'm also not the person writing the driver. :)

I can change my script to test for the presence of this new interface and use that if it exists rather easily. I already have to handle a few cases like that where Andres changed things when I wasn't watching.

Suggestions on what it would look like?

Richard Smith <richard@xxxxxxxxxx>
One Laptop Per Child
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