Re: [rfc] lru_add_drain_all() vs isolation

From: KOSAKI Motohiro
Date: Tue Sep 08 2009 - 22:06:13 EST


> > Thank you for kindly explanation. I gradually become to understand this isssue.
> > Yes, lru_add_drain_all() use schedule_on_each_cpu() and it have following code
> >
> > for_each_online_cpu(cpu)
> > flush_work(per_cpu_ptr(works, cpu));
> >
> > However, I don't think your approach solve this issue.
> > lru_add_drain_all() flush lru_add_pvecs and lru_rotate_pvecs.
> >
> > lru_add_pvecs is accounted when
> > - lru move
> > e.g. read(2), write(2), page fault, vmscan, page migration, et al
> >
> > lru_rotate_pves is accounted when
> > - page writeback
> >
> > IOW, if RT-thread call write(2) syscall or page fault, we face the same
> > problem. I don't think we can assume RT-thread don't make page fault....
> >
> > hmm, this seems difficult problem. I guess any mm code should use
> > schedule_on_each_cpu(). I continue to think this issue awhile.
> This is about avoiding work when there is non, clearly when an
> application does use the kernel it creates work.
> But a clearly userspace, cpu-bound process, while(1), should not get
> interrupted by things like lru_add_drain() when it doesn't have any
> pages to drain.

Yup. makes sense.
So, I think you mean you'd like to tackle this special case as fist step, right?
if yes, I agree.

> > > There is nothing that makes lru_add_drain_all() the only such site, its
> > > the one Mike posted to me, and my patch was a way to deal with that.
> >
> > Well, schedule_on_each_cpu() is very limited used function.
> > Practically we can ignore other caller.
> No, we need to inspect all callers, having only a few makes that easier.

Sorry my poor english. I meaned I don't oppose your patch approach. I don't oppose
additional work at all.

> > > I also explained that its not only RT related in that the HPC folks also
> > > want to avoid unneeded work -- for them its not starvation but a
> > > performance issue.
> >
> > I think you talked about OS jitter issue. if so, I don't think this issue
> > make serious problem. OS jitter mainly be caused by periodic action
> > (e.g. tick update, timer, vmstat update). it's because
> > little-delay x plenty-times = large-delay
> >
> > lru_add_drain_all() is called from very limited point. e.g. mlock, shm-lock,
> > page-migration, memory-hotplug. all caller is not periodic.
> Doesn't matter, if you want to reduce it, you need to address all of
> them, a process 4 nodes away calling mlock() while this partition has
> been user-bound for the last hour or so and doesn't have any lru pages
> simply needn't be woken.

Doesn't matter? You mean can we stop to discuss hits HPC performance issue
as Christoph pointed out?
hmmm, sorry, I haven't catch your point.

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