Re: disablenetwork (v5): Require CAP_SETPCAP to enable

From: Serge E. Hallyn
Date: Mon Jan 18 2010 - 14:30:32 EST

Quoting Andrew G. Morgan (morgan@xxxxxxxxxx):
> On Sat, Jan 16, 2010 at 8:48 PM, Michael Stone <michael@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Andrew Morgan wrote:
> >>
> >> Please use CAP_NET_ADMIN for this feature (and add the corresponding
> >> comment in include/linux/capabilities.h).
> >
> > Sure.
> > However, to make sure I understand the purpose of the adjustment, would you
> > mind saying a word or two about what considerations cause you to recommend
> > CAP_NET_ADMIN instead of (or in addition to?) CAP_SETPCAP?
> If you take a look at the capabilities.h file, you'll see that each of
> the capabilities is preceded by an explanation of what privilege it
> enables.
> CAP_SETPCAP refers to privileged manipulation of capabilities
> (permission to violate the normal capability rules) and nothing to do
> with the network.
> You are adding something akin to a per-process tree firewall setting -
> deny/enable network access to this process.

I think I originally suggested CAP_SETPCAP - because it's not deny network
access to this process, but deny network access to all child processes as
well, even if they are more privileged (through setuid-root or file caps).

CAP_NET_ADMIN is probably more straightforward, though. Who's going to
think to add CAP_SETPCAP to a binary that is intended to drop network
perms, realistically...

> I think you'll agree that
> the CAP_NET_ADMIN description is a much better match for this.

I think it'll be more intuitive to most people so I agree.

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