RE: mcs7830 usb net: "scheduling while atomic" danger?

From: Du, Alek
Date: Mon Jan 18 2010 - 21:54:05 EST

I confirm that thing is bad, I need to prepare another patch to fix that.

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>Subject: Re: mcs7830 usb net: "scheduling while atomic" danger?
>On Monday 18 January 2010, Julia Lawall wrote:
>> On Mon, 18 Jan 2010, Andreas Mohr wrote:
>> >
>> > Forgive me, but doesn't that mutex_lock()/msleep() (ab)use mean
>> > risking a "scheduling while atomic"?
>> > (such as discussed in e.g.
>> > )
>> >
>> >
>> > And, if that is the case, shouldn't all such cases simply be killed for
>> > good via a capable semantic patch?
>> The semantic match shown below finds 55 matches. All but two involve
>> mutex_lock. Those are in the file
>> /var/linuxes/linux-next/drivers/usb/host/ehci-hub.c
>> in the functions ehci_bus_suspend and ehci_hub_control.
>That code looks indeed broken as was added las July as part of 331ac6b288d9
>"USB: EHCI: Add Intel Moorestown EHCI controller HOSTPCx extensions and
>support phy low power mode". The reason that this hasn't triggered is
>probably the lack of Moorestown machines in the field.
> Arnd
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