how do YOU hack the linux kernel ?

From: Ramagudi Naziir
Date: Tue Jan 19 2010 - 07:53:10 EST

do you use vim ?

If so, how do you open files you want to read/edit ?
Assuming you don't remember their exact name/location, you'd need to
use something like 'find . -iname '*pattern*'. which is slow.
You can also ":tabnew ." and just browse the folders, but that's super slow too.

so, do you use stuff like 'Source Insight' ?

It does have a great files viewer, where you can just type a few
letters, and it immediately shows only files that match the pattern
you typed (just like in iTunes). This is blazing fast. But it's Source
Insight. you need to fight it not to over-visualizes your file, and
not to mess up with your whitespace. not to mention that it's
windows-only (although wine seems to help here a bit).

so.. back to vim ? It does have relevant plugins that tries to give
you fast files opener, like the 'project' plugin (totally unmaintained
and buggy) or the 'tselectfiles' plugin (slow, hard to use).

I'd really like to use vim, it's fast and gives you control, but
really I must have some way to quickly access my files.

Any ideas ?
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