[PATCH/RFC v1 0/2] Human readable performance event description insysfs

From: Tomasz Fujak
Date: Wed Jan 20 2010 - 04:22:21 EST


While I managed to build and run the early version (back from December), I was unable to find the newest sources (infra + ARMv6, ARMv7 support).
Where do I find them?

The following patches provide a sysfs entry with hardware event human readable description in the form of "0x%llx\t%lld-%lld\t%s\t%s" % (event_value, minval, maxval, name, description) and means to populate the file.
The version posted contains ARMv6, ARMv7 (Cortex-A[89]) support in this matter.

The intended use is twofold: for users to read the list directly and for tools (like perf).

This series includes:
[PATCH v1 1/2] perfevent: Add performance event structure definition and 'extevents' sysfs entry
[PATCH v1 2/2] [ARM] perfevent: Event description list for ARMv6, Cortex-A8 and Cortex-A9 exported

Tomasz Fujak

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