[PATCH 0/6 -mm] cpu-timers patches

From: Stanislaw Gruszka
Date: Wed Jan 20 2010 - 07:37:37 EST

Here are patches for cpu-timers I mainly wrote to not call
thread_group_cputime() in fastpath_timer_check(), which we
discuss in this thread:


On the way I fix some other bugs (SIGEV_NONE timer, old increase value
in timer_settime()) and do other cleanups and optimizations, patch 5
however increase time when sighand->siglock is held.

Compared with previous send of patches as RFC, I rebased them to -mm
tree, change some changelogs and do some minor code changes.

[PATCH 1/6 -mm] cpu-timers: simplify RLIMIT_CPU handling
[PATCH 2/6 -mm] cpu-timers: cleanup arm_timer()
[PATCH 3/6 -mm] cpu-timers: return correct previous timer reload value
[PATCH 4/6 -mm] cpu-timers: change SIGEV_NONE timer implementation
[PATCH 5/6 -mm] cpu-timers: assure to not iterate over all threads in fastpath_timer_check()
[PATCH 6/6 -mm] cpu-timers: optimize run_posix_cpu_timers()


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