Re: [patch] x86: set hotpluggable nodes in nodes_possible_map

From: David Rientjes
Date: Thu Jan 21 2010 - 02:51:22 EST

On Thu, 21 Jan 2010, Haicheng Li wrote:

> > Nack, we don't need to add yet another nodemask because you're having
> > trouble finding a new name for a cpu_nodes_parsed. It would be perfectly
> Hey Dave, why do you think it's just a naming issue?
> What I'm concerning is that your assumption of cpu_nodes_parsed use is wrong,
> cpu_nodes_parsed is needed anyway since its semantics represent the node with
> cpu affinity rather than memless node, that's also why I originally doubted
> cpu_node_parsed cannot handle hotplug node.

Wrong, cpu_nodes_parsed (despite its name) solely represents nodes that do
not have online address memory ranges. That's it. Nothing more, nothing
less. That's why I suggest you rename it to no_mem_nodes or something
similar. Look at the single time that the nodemask is used: to set
cleared bits in node_possible_map that were not set in nodes_parsed
a node gets set in nodes_parsed.

Once you rename nodes_parsed to mem_nodes and cpu_nodes_parsed to
no_mem_nodes, it may become clearer.

> we also need hp_nodes_parsed to represent the node with hotpluggable memory
> region, just like why we need nodes_parsed to repsent node with mem on.

It's pointless to add another nodemask, the semantics of cpu_nodes_parsed
is perfectly legitimate for hotpluggable nodes as well. Instead of
fixating on the name, look at the code that uses it.
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