Re: Lots of bugs with current->state = TASK_*INTERRUPTIBLE

From: David Daney
Date: Thu Jan 21 2010 - 15:22:12 EST

This is what I thought.

My cpu (Cavium Octeon) does not have out of order reads, so my wmb() is

Can you have reads that are out of order wrt writes? Because the above
does not have out of order reads. It just had a read that came before a
write. The above code could look like:

(hypothetical assembly language)

st r2, (current->state)
ld r1, (x)
cmp r1, 0

Is it possible for the CPU to do the load of r1 before storing r2? If
so, then the bug still exists.

Indeed it is. Lockless operations make my head hurt.

Thanks for clarifying.

David Daney

-- Steve

in fact a full mb() from the point of view of the current CPU. So I think I could weaken my bariers in set_current_state() and still get correct operation. However as you say...

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