graphical processing unit drivers in linux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: ranjith kumar
Date: Fri Jan 22 2010 - 08:34:52 EST

I am new to both linux kernel and graphical processing unit(gpu)s.
I have a new laptop , and it contains both fedoara 10 and windows vista.

In windows I installed nvidia/intel graphic device drivers after which
graphics in my windows are looking good.

Can I ask you some questions.

1) What about linux? Is linux recognising the GPUs on my laptop or not
? How to know?

2) If linux recognises the the GPUs and exploits them, where are the
associated device drivers in the kernel source code?

3) how to know weather a given GPU is a "vector graphics devices" or
"raster-based devices "??
Or all modern GPUs are vector grpahics devices?

4) "X Window System" implements the X display protocol and provides
windowing on "raster graphics".
Since all GPUs are vector graphic devices(?) and because of
above statement can't we
exploit "vector graphics devices" in linux/fedora??? thats why
no one is making video games in linux???

Please send me any links on these issues if you have.

Thanks in advance.
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