Re: Introduction to rar_register patch set of 5 patches

From: Greg KH
Date: Fri Jan 22 2010 - 15:48:30 EST

A: No.
Q: Should I include quotations after my reply?

On Fri, Jan 22, 2010 at 12:59:50PM -0700, Allyn, Mark A wrote:
> Greg:
> Just to be clear; then only the overall description of RAR should be
> in the cover email?

Yes, consider that something that introduces the series, but will be
deleted and never seen again. The actual description needs to be in the
patches themselves, as that is what is going to be committed to the
tree, and that information will show up in the changelog for everyone to
look at for forever.

> Perhaps I over reacted to you earlier comment that each patch had too
> much, so I moved everything to the intro email.
> I will re-submit with the description of each patch in each patch, but
> I will still list the patches in the intro.

Sure, that's fine.


greg k-h
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