Re: Linux 2.6.33-rc5

From: Linus Torvalds
Date: Sun Jan 24 2010 - 13:31:08 EST

On Sun, 24 Jan 2010, Borislav Petkov wrote:
> 1. After suspend, the right monitor shows very funny colors, as if it is
> on crack, in contrast to the left one which looks fine:

Ok, at a guess, it looks like something isn't restoring the palette
registers for the second output. You didn't say what GPU you have, but
judging by your CC list, it's a radeon. You might want to let the Radeon
KMS people know exactly what your setup is etc.

> 2. During suspend I get this juicy lockdep warning:

I'm pretty sure that this is not actually a new problem, it's a new
warning for an old problem, see commit 846f99749 ("sysfs: Add lockdep
annotations for the sysfs active reference"). So I'm not considering it a
regression, even though I do agree that the messages look scary and very

I'm not at all convinced that we are going to be able to fix the problems
that this made visible in time for 2.6.33. The sysfs-related lock chains
easily get rather involved, although it is always possible that this
particular one might be easily fixable (ie if radeon is able to call the
final kref_put outside any locks - or whatever it is that ends up
generating a dependency from struct_mutex for the sysfs active ref).

Or maybe I'm misreading the lockdep chain. Eric Biederman added to cc.

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