[rt-tests] version 0.63 available

From: Clark Williams
Date: Wed Jan 27 2010 - 11:24:23 EST

The latest version of rt-tests is now available as a tarball from:


Also available in my git repo:


under tag v0.63

This version includes a new option: --numa, which is a counterpart to
the recently introduced --smp option.

The --smp option is a shorthand for: -t -a -n, meaning that one
measurement thread is created per active CPU and is affined to that cpu
and that clock_nanosleep is used for measurements.

The --numa option does the same options as --smp, but also makes calls
into libnuma to ensure that measurement threads are always bound to the
memory node that is local to it's cpu (avoiding cross-node memory
references). Each measurement thread's stack and major data structures
are allocated from the local memory node.

Note that to actually use --numa mode, you must pass NUMA=1 to the make
build command:

$ make NUMA=1

This is for all you embedded guys that could care less about NUMA :)

Other changes from previous releases are that the hwlatdetect test has
been moved to the python site-library (so that other tests can import
it) and then symlinked to /usr/bin/hwlatdetect. Also, copyright
messages have been updated in the source files (thanks Uwe).


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