[PATCH 0/3 v3] macvtap driver

From: Arnd Bergmann
Date: Wed Jan 27 2010 - 16:11:19 EST

This is the third version of the macvtap device driver, following another major restructuring and a lot of bug fixes:

* Change macvtap to be based around a struct sock
* macvtap: fix initialization
* return 0 to netlink
* don't use rcu for q->file and q->vlan pointers
* macvtap: checkpatch.pl fixes
* macvtap: fix tun IFF flags
* Use a struct socket to make tx flow control work
* disable BH processing during transmit
* only add an ethernet header for receive not forward
* allocate the SKB using GFP_NOWAIT since we're
in rcu_read_lock
* use atomic allocation for socket
* fix blocking on send
* do not destroy netdev twice in error path

There are still known problems, but unless there
are fundamental concerns, I'd like this to go
into net-next as an experimental driver,
fixing up the remaining problems by 2.6.34-rc1.

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