Re: [PATCH 11/12] perf lock: New subcommand "perf lock", for analyzinglock statistics

From: Hitoshi Mitake
Date: Thu Jan 28 2010 - 01:51:35 EST

On 2010å01æ22æ 22:39, Hitoshi Mitake wrote:

Hi Ingo,
I have a trivial but difficult problem on this 11th patch.

> +static void
> +process_lock_acquire_event(void *data,
> + struct event *event __used,
> + int cpu __used,
> + u64 timestamp __used,
> + struct thread *thread __used)
> +{
> + struct trace_acquire_event acquire_event;
> + u64 tmp; /* this is required for casting... */
> +
> + tmp = raw_field_value(event, "lockdep_addr", data);
> + acquire_event.addr = (void *)tmp; # <- type of addr is void *

In the above function,
the statement:
raw_field_value(event, "lockdep_addr", data);
reads member of event which is type of void *.

But, direct assigning like
acquire_event.addr = (void *)raw_field_value(event, "lockdep_addr", data);
produces warning and it is treated as error on build environment of perf.
GCC says "cast from function call of type âlong long unsigned intâ to non-matching type âvoid *â".
# Why is tmp to acquire_event.addr allowed? It's mysterious...

So I declared "u64 tmp" as temporary place for casting.
But next, this tmp causes compile error on x86_32.
Because it is u64. tmp should be u32 on x86_32.

I have to switch type of tmp u64 or u32 based on environment.
Don't you know some good preprocessor flag or some other avoiding methods?
I seeked but not found...

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