Re: regression: page allocation failure. order:1,

From: Mark Lord
Date: Thu Jan 28 2010 - 08:51:19 EST

Rafael J. Wysocki wrote:
Have you attached a (2.6.31.x) dmesg output from the failing box somewhere
or have I just missed it?

The log from failing on was linked to originally:

Here's the subsequent revert reboot back to

In the time available thus far, I haven't managed to get
to boot/run on anything else, using either a UP kernel, or "nosmp",
along with "mem=512M".

With a bit of luck, I'll have another similar VIA C7 box delivered here by tonight,
and should be able to boot/run that off a cloned disk image from the original system.

Then we can poke at things a bit more.
If the box works, it will be 100% at our disposal.

Note that it's far too slow for practical direct use of git-bisect,
taking hours to rebuild its own kernels. It might be possible,
with a fair bit of effort, to arrange a quad-core box to do the
kernel compiles for it, though.

Cheers --
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