[PATCH v2 0/4] GIC Changes

From: adharmap
Date: Fri Jan 29 2010 - 02:06:43 EST

From: Abhijeet Dharmapurikar <adharmap@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Few fixes and improvements to arch/arm/common/gic.c file.

Changes in v2

Russell indicated that there could be an on chip inteverter on some interrupt
lines and hence there is no way to enforce correct edge rising/falling or level
high/low configuration. The change to introduce set_type callback is dropped.

Also the change to configure SPI's and PPI's as level/edge depending on the
flow_type argument passed in gic_dist_init is dropped.

As per Catalin's suggestion all the interrupts reported by gic are
disabled. This way we initialize and disable all the unused interrupts.
The iterator,i in the gic_dist_init is still prevented from exceeding NR_IRQS.

As per Ben Dook's suggestion 'gic:...' is changed to 'GIC:...' in title.

Thanks for all your inputs. Please let me know if further changes are

Abhijeet Dharmapurikar (4):
GIC: Disable unused interrupts
GIC: Prevent gic from crossing NR_IRQS
GIC: Add callback for mask_ack
GIC: Dont disable INT in ack callback

arch/arm/common/gic.c | 56 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++---------------
1 files changed, 38 insertions(+), 18 deletions(-)

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